BSU celebrates Black History Month

Cullen Avent ’23

Black History Month is an opportunity to commemorate the heritage and impact of Black culture in America, and the Strake Jesuit Black Student Union did exactly that. In February, the Strake Jesuit BSU took time to recognize the many contributions of black men and women throughout history, celebrating Black History Month with multiple events. 

These events included a BSU-organized fashion show to illustrate the evolution of Black style and culture, an art showcase to exhibit the creativity of Black students at Jesuit, a soul food cookout as a form of appreciating Black culture and cuisine, and a lunch and learn with Rod Graves — a way to connect both the past and the present of Jesuit to create a better future and overall understanding for black students.

The BSU kicked things off during Houston’s MLK March, inviting all Jesuit BSU members to walk alongside St. Agnes’ Voices of Black Youth members in Midtown Houston as a way of commemorating Dr. King’s legacy and spreading the message of social inclusivity. 

Following the MLK March was the student-led BSU lunch, an enriching dining experience filled with both fun and festivity. Ensuing these events was the fashion show — a wonderful collaboration between the Jesuit BSU and the St. Agnes Voices of Black Youth, as it provided an engaging and entertaining cultural experience for all students in attendance, while also being both enlightening and fun.

“It was great being able to work with friends on something we are passionate about,” said BSU officer Enomfon Nkeme ’23. 

In addition to these events, The BSU hosted a barbecue cookout open to all Jesuit students, building fellowship in our school community. The festivity-packed cookout saw nearly 200 attendees, an amazing turnout for the first year of this event. 

To cap things off, the BSU invited Jesuit alumnus Rod Graves to speak on the topic of navigating life as a successful black man formed by a Jesuit education.