Varsity Basketball: Crusaders primed for playoff rematch

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Cullen Avent ’23

On Tuesday night, February 21, the Strake Jesuit Crusaders will meet the Clear Falls Knights in a 23-6A regionals basketball matchup for the second straight season.

The Crusaders are hoping to avoid a repeat of last season, as they fell 62-56 to the Knights in a devastating loss. The Knights, sitting at 10-2 in district and 24-7 overall, are the favorites going into this game, but the Crusaders are more than formidable opponents. Jesuit currently holds a respectable 10-4 record in district, making them the 4th seeded team. Even as the underdogs for this matchup, the Crusaders have proven time and time again this season that they can win in the face of adversity. 

Led by senior guard Orlando Horton, the Knights average 64.2 points per game this season, outscoring Jesuit by an average of 8.7 ppg. Although the Knights are putting up more points per game than Jesuit, the Crusaders can use their passing ability to their advantage. Jesuit’s high assist totals come from the fact that they have multiple players who can score at any moment, a necessary trait for any team hoping to win it all. Although the Crusaders have the advantage in terms of assists per game, they must step up tonight, as they trail the Knights in rebounds, steals, and blocks per game.

When asked about Tuesday night’s playoff game, SJ junior guard Jason Lin responded, “I feel very confident that we will be able to pull off the win.”

Having achieved so much success with a hard schedule this season, the Crusaders have every reason to be confident.