Club Profile: Coding

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Jason Lin ’24

Among the variety of clubs to join at Strake Jesuit, the Computer Programming club offers students the opportunity to code and collaborate with other students to create coding projects. Everybody is welcome to join: students do not need any prior experience in programming.

“Anyone who wants to program is welcome to join even if they are experienced or just a beginner,” Michael Wong ’23, the student leader of the Computer Programming  club, said. “We usually split into two groups. I teach the beginner, and Leo Heuring does activities with the more experienced coders.”

With this format of splitting groups, members learn more about computer programming as each group can go at a pace that suits their level. In these groups, many activities are used to help beginners learn but also challenge the more experienced.

“Normally for beginners we teach them the coding language Python,” Michael Wong said. “After doing this, we do some computer programming challenges on Leetcode.”

Leetcode is a website where programmers can practice solving coding problems to enhance familiarity with programming. It is also very commonly used by tech companies like Google and Facebook in interviews to show the applicant’s programming skills.

If this club sounds interesting–something that you might want to try out–it usually has meetings on Wednesdays during Community Time. The club already has 70 members.