Styling Up: Shoes

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Christian Heaven ’23

Shoes can be the centerpiece of an entire outfit. Within the Strake Jesuit dress code, you need not have difficulty finding the right shoes for you. There are many different options, from tassel loafers to derbies to boots, with many different styles in each category.

With a rich history, tassel loafers come in many different shapes and sizes. The tassel loafer is known for the tassel that sits across the vamp of the shoe. This adds another dimension to the shoe, making you and your outfit stand out. There are various brands of tassel loafers, such as Doc Marten, Allen Edmond, and Mark Joseph New York.

The second recommended style shoe is the derby shoe. The smart and elegant shoe is a perfect fit for Strake Jesuit. The derby can be styled up or down. It could be made to look like a dress shoe as well as casual. Good options s for a quality derby shoe are Doc Marten, Grenson, and Cole Haan.

You can also style up your footwear with boots. Boots come in all shapes and sizes and can also be dressed up and down. A highly expensive pair of boots will be the Our Legacy Camino Boots. They are elegant workwear boots that can be styled with anything and come in many different neutral colors. Florsheim also sells boots. They are affordable and built very well with thick and wearable leather. The last boot is the Ariat Futurity Showman Western Boot. This is a cowboy-style boot that will last you for a lifetime. The Showman comes only in black and will be in the budget for a lot of buyers