Thursday Cafe features campus creators

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Carver Hicks ’25

The Inkwell Creative Writing Club at Strake Jesuit hosted their first Thursday Cafe on campus in the library on November 17. The library was set up as a fall-themed cafe space, featuring student creative writing presentations, art displays, a short skit, and live music accompanied by sundry bakery items and coffee.

The event offered a venue for the students who are members of the numerous creative groups and clubs to showcase their work to each other. Not only was it an opportunity for students to present their work, but the event also served those who participated, allowing them to view the other creative aspects that are held on campus. 

“I wanted to showcase our student writers, artists, musicians, photographers, and actors to bring them all together,” said Ms. Leslie Clinton, moderator of Inkwell club and organizer of the event.

The Inkwell club did exactly that with the precisely scheduled and well-organized presentation of poetry readings, comedic skits, and live music. Along with the art and photography that circled the walls, the library was transformed into a fully functional creative space offering the stage to any student wishing to showcase their work to like minded peers.

The event shows the just how much of a role creativity plays in the community of Strake Jesuit and achieved its goal “to give everyone a wonderful experiment through the arts that can bring our community together, and to let people see what wonderful talent we have here at Strake Jesuit” Leslie Clinton said