New club to study leadership

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Garrett Connell ’24

With college admissions review getting more and more scrutinous, having a strong resume is an absolute necessity; one of the most integral parts of this college resume is how you exhibit leadership.

Were you on the student council? Did you start a club? Did you lead a retreat?

All of these are great examples of showing leadership on your resume; however, taking on roles isn’t the only way to exemplify leadership, for a good leader is always seeking to refine and better the skills that they would use.

Strake Jesuit’s HOBY Student Leadership Club (soon to be renamed to the Leadership Advancement Program) is a great way to do just that. The club was started this year and currently has around 80 prospective members. It meets about once a month in the Parsley Center, where the members listen in on a lecture about a specific aspect of leadership from a professional with leadership experience. The meetings are not mandatory, so if you happen to have a test the day of the lecture, you can simply attend the next one.

Email Garrett Connell ( with inquiries or to join the club.