Students should decide how much to challenge themselves

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Jason Lin ’24

Students who want to take more AP/AC classes can run into current limits on signing up for such classes. The maximum for sophomores is four whereas juniors and seniors can take one extra AP or AC class by getting approval from their academic counselor. This policy restricts students from taking all the classes they would benefit from taking. 

Strake Jesuit should allow students to take more than just five AP/AC classes. 

Many students at Strake Jesuit want to be challenged more and learn more but are denied such opportunities when they can only take a maximum of four or five AP/AC classes. This is especially true for high-achieving students who want to take a more rigorous course that enables them to learn more through an accelerated pace for learning. In addition, bound by current restrictions, many high-achieving students shy away from filling a free period with an additional course that cannot be AC/AP and would hurt their GPA for lack of the bonus point. In other words, they would have to take any additional subject on the normal level as they have maxed out on AP/AC classes. This current policy limits the range of knowledge Jesuit students would gain by making them reluctant to take additional classes. If it could be an AC or AP course, the student would be more inclined to take the extra class.

Allowing students to have a more rigorous schedule will also better prepare students for the challenging classes in college. Students will also enhance their time management and study skills which are necessary not only for college but life in general. Therefore, students taking more AC or AP courses at Jesuit aren’t going to be as stressed in college as they have already developed the skills necessary to be successful from experiencing a similar level of rigor.

Additionally, students have more chances to earn college credit, which often allows them to take fewer classes, graduate from college early, and spend less money.

Some people may argue that allowing students to take more AP/AC classes would increase the stress and fatigue for the students, making the additional advanced courses unhelpful. Even though this may be true, this isn’t the case for every student. Some students may need to take on-level classes whereas others who have shown a higher level of academic performance would benefit more from a more rigorous schedule.

By giving students the freedom to take more AP/AC classes, the school would be helping those who seek a greater challenge and at the same time would not be hindering those who don’t want to take more AC/AP classes.