September Club Fair a Success

Noah Cheng ’24

Strake Jesuit’s annual Club Fair took place on September 13. Myriad clubs filled the tables in the Schneidau Courtyard, joined by a bustling crowd of students ranging from freshmen to seniors. An astounding number of clubs always show up at the Club Fair, and this was an opinion that many people voiced. 

“I think it’s great that there are so many clubs and so much variety,” Mark Randall ’26. 

Diego Estrella ’24 echoes this praise, saying, “I think the clubs show a wide range of interests.” 

The staggering number of clubs can’t be denied, and the diversity makes it easy for anyone to find a place that fits their interests.

The Club Fair isn’t just a great place for existing clubs to find more members, though. It’s also a great place for newly formed clubs to get started. 

“I’m pumped. This is going to be the best club Strake has ever had!” said Ryohn Sen ’24, founder of the new Audio Production Club. 

Another new club founder, Henry Leeman ’24 of the French Club, said, “I’m super excited for this year. I couldn’t get people to stop signing up!”

If you weren’t able to make it to the Club Fair but you still want some details on a club that piques your interest, don’t panic! It’s as simple as just sending an email to the club’s moderator. If you want a list of Strake Jesuit’s clubs to get started, the Student Activities page on the Strake Jesuit website is a great resource.