Spicing up your school dress

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Christian Heaven ’23

Coming to a school with a uniform, sometimes you want to stand out. Doing this may seem
hard with a dress code, but thinking outside of the box can help with this. Wearing a new
outfit can give you a new sense of confidence compared to the people dressed so similarly. This
article will show you ways to expand your horizon on school legal outfits.

Instead of the normal polo shirt, you can substitute it with a nice white button up shirt with a
black tie to add a little pop to the outfit. To accessorize a little bit, you could also add a
brown, black, or colored cardigan to go along with the simple undercovering.

For the bottoms getting a nice pair of brown work pants would go well with many different
styles of outfits. Another type of pants that may benefit the outfit is a tighter fitting pants for
people with slimmer body type and a wider fitting pants for people with a wider body type.

Another alternative would be wearing black suit style pants with your white button up and black
tie. Gives a simple and sleek look to your outfit.

For the shoes , you can go simple with some brown or black loafers. These can range
from low prices to some higher end loafers. If you would like to stand out more. A nice pair of
boots can give you a little flare.

This is an easy gateway to getting into fashion and styling yourself so that you can look a little bit different when it is hard to do so otherwise.