Sharpstown Restaurants Review

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Elliot Smythe  ’24

Oftentimes, people find themselves in the awful predicament of never having unique food. They are deprived of any variety, and instead turn to fast food or easy microwave dishes, while never thinking that there are better options. And while cooking is a great skill to have, sometimes unique restaurants are just too appealing to pass up.

Strake Jesuit’s residence in Sharpstown is surrounded by local restaurants and neighborhood dives that are bound to widen palates. There are dozens of great places to eat nearby that may be better than the Chick-Fil-A stop we are all so accustomed to. 

One such place is The Tea House, a Strake Jesuit and St. Agnes classic. They mainly serve drinks and their popular boba tea, which is a type of tea with sweetened tapioca dough formed in the shape of bubbles. 

One Dragon is my favorite stop near campus. With original Chinese cuisine and great prices, the restaurant experience of One Dragon is nearly unmatched. With great side dishes, heaping helpings and plenty of options, One Dragon can offer a great restaurant experience with immediate proximity to campus. I have personally tried the pork soup dumplings, the bamboo shoot soup, the kung pao chicken, the sweet and sour pork ribs, and my preferred item, the fried pork bao. The pork bao is a fried spherical bun with a crispy bottom and softer top. It has sweet pork in the interior, and is served best with soy sauce. I would also highly recommend the kung pao chicken. This item can feed one person and still leave leftovers, and is served with rice. These dishes and others offer a great experience that overtakes the standard experience of fast food. Although these restaurants might not match the convenience of nearby chains, they make up for it in quality, atmosphere and variety. One Dragon is located less than half a mile from Jesuit campus at 9310 Bellaire boulevard. 

Mala Sichuan (Mala meaning spicy, and Sichuan a province in southwestern China) is another great place for Chinese food, with a less traditional approach. While One Dragon has more standard menu choices, Mala Sichuan has a unique selection of spices and ingredients that aren’t nearly as common in Houston. Additionally, they have amazing stews that are something of a specialty. For example, their dry pot beef has great flavor, with potatoes, vegetables, cauliflower, and beef cooked to perfection. It all includes the unique Sichuan peppercorn, which provides a kick to the combination. I have had their red oil dumplings, dry pot beef and their twice cooked pork, and cannot recommend the store enough. Mala Sichuan, located nearby at 9348 Bellaire Boulevard, has a great spin on several classic dishes, and is sure to provide a great meal. 

Variety in food is integral to all sorts of aspects of life. How can you appreciate cuisine when all food is the same? Within efforts to eat a variety of unique and high quality food, local cuisine is a great avenue to widen horizons and explore food as a whole.