Jace Posey Soars

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Jason Lin ’24

Launching high into the air last May, ,Jace Posey clears the bar. In the background, the crowd roars, ecstatic that a new Texas 6A high jump record has been set at 7-feet, 4.25-inches. 

Jace, one of the nation’s top young high jumpers, is also exceptional on the basketball court. 

Jace is the son of former NBA player James Posey and has come off an exciting basketball summer. He performed well in the EYBL circuit, helping his team to make it to the final four and was even invited to the NBPA top 100 camp.

“That camp is one the camps where I have been around more elite players and able to hang out with these players up close and get to know them a lot better,” Jace said. “I just got to compete, make new friends, and build new relationships.”

With all of these accomplishments, Jace Posey was being looked at by multiple Division 1 colleges and received numerous offers from schools like TCU, George Mason, and Arizona State.

“The whole recruiting process was pretty exciting from the beginning to the end, and I’ve enjoyed talking to all the coaches,” Jace said.

But there was one thing Jace didn’t like

“When the coaches kept in contact but didn’t extend an offer,” he said. “But I did enjoy meeting new people and branching out.”

Eventually, Jace had to decide where to take his talents. This was narrowed down to either TCU or George Mason. On September 9th, he announced that he would commit to playing for TCU.

“I committed to TCU because I felt like it was the best fit for me with the basketball program and I got along with the coaching staff and players,” Jace said.

An exciting final high school basketball season awaits starting on November 22 with the first home game. Catch the Strake Jesuit basketball team in action.