Freshman football thrives

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on

William Strock ’26

Strake Jesuit freshman football is off to a fine start.

“We have a great group of hardworking young men who have been pushing themselves since JAC camp,” said Coach Kimball. “It’s exciting to see their growth as individual ball players as well as a cohesive unit.”

The team has been practicing since the end of July when they had their freshman football camp and started regular practice since the first week of August.

“These past couple of months not only have I developed as an athlete,” Freshman Green player JC Martinez said, “but I have also built a deeper connection with the team. I am glad to have joined the team because I have deepened my knowledge of football, and I have created several new relationships with both my coaches and teammates.”

The team has been bonding during the early morning football practices, Monday through Wednesday, with the players arriving at 6:00 AM bright and early and ready to practice starting at 6:20 AM.

“I hope to achieve a stronger bond with the students,” Offensive Coach Viancos said, “and I hope to achieve more than winning, I hope to achieve the team coming together and realizing that the power can come from a bunch of guys together as a team instead of individually, and I hope to recognize that our glory goes to God.”

Strake Jesuit has two freshmen football teams, Green and White, both working hard, conditioning, and learning plays, getting to know each other while coming together as a team.

“Overall the team has been successful,” Green Team player Luke Lovelace said, “and it has been a great opportunity to meet new people.”

The Strake Jesuit freshman football players have been doing themselves and their coaches proud since the beginning of August and will be competitive this season.