Rugby continues over the summer

Photo by Ollie Craig on

Daniel McCord ’24

The summer of 2022 was not a period of repose for Strake Jesuit’s burgeoning rugby program, but a time for practice and work. From May through August, the Strake Jesuit Rugby Sevens team practiced and played in two tournaments, developing, improving, and competing with many successes-and forward strides towards playing at
a national level.

Sevens is a rugby variant with each team fielding only seven players per side, as opposed to the usual fifteen during the school season. Strake Jesuit’s volunteer-built Sevens team began with practices in May, coming off an important Rugby Fifteens spring season, including victories over Dallas Jesuit and a monumental series of matches in New Orleans. Coaches and players alike were ready to use the summer off-season to expand the team’s skills and range of expertise.

“Going into sevens, we really wanted to try new things. That’s why we really created [the team],” team captain Christian Bennett ’24 said.

The strenuous physical activity that comes with a Sevens team also prepared the squad for the coming fall and spring seasons.

“The amount of conditioning required for sevens [means] everyone who participated will be more ready for the main season,” Bennett said.

The team also participated in multiple tournaments throughout the summer sessions, competing against a number of different rugby programs from throughout Texas. Through these matches, players bonded and grew together.

“Because of the tournaments, those who participated are more connected as a team,” Bennett said. “[The tournaments] help us play for each other.”

The summer Sevens team was a very successful new addition to the Strake Jesuit Rugby program and will be continued sporadically throughout the fall off-season.