College essay tips

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Robert Strock ’23

When it comes to college applications, the essay plays a crucial role in determining your chances of being accepted. Colleges devote time for the essays because it is what best expresses your creativity and writing skills, while simultaneously helping the college get to know you and your personality. There are several things that you can do to maximize your chances of getting your essay recognized by a college.

The most important thing to keep in mind is uniqueness. Your paper needs to have an interesting/unique topic that sticks with college administrators. Just because the essay is skillfully crafted doesn’t mean it will be favorably reviewed. This is commonplace when talking about other family members or giving casual descriptions of yourself. 

An example of good uniqueness was achieved by Jodie, who wrote her essay for her application at John Hopkins University. In her essay, she discussed her challenge of making 1000 origami paper cranes. The essay was not just skillfully written; it was also unique. After all, it is hard to forget an essay discussing 1000 paper cranes. 

Another important thing is needless repetition. Many college essays tend to get boring as you read, and repetition serves as the cornerstone for this issue. Avoiding repetition prevents the essay from getting boring. If the person reading the essay is so bored that they can’t even finish it, there’s a good chance that essay won’t make the cut. 

These two tips should be the first two things that come to mind when writing your college essay. There are many more things that should be considered, but uniqueness and avoiding repetition are important ones for writing a good essay.