SJ Prom proceeds perfectly!

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Hurley Qi ’23

Amidst music, dancing, and laughter, the 2021-2022 Strake Jesuit Prom occurred successfully at Lakeside Country Club on April 29th. 

Due to the pandemic, prom planning has been heavily restricted for the past two years. With everything finally returning to normal, Strake Jesuit celebrated with the class of 2022 and the class of 2023. 

After heavy consideration, the student council selected Hollywood as this year’s prom theme. When students walked into the dancing hall at the club, they were amazed by the Hollywood set up, Walk of Fame, and decorations. 

Before buying prom tickets, all SJ students were required to complete a two-hour alcohol awareness course, and they were all notified of the possibility of a drug and alcohol testing before entrance. The school also came up with a fun and interesting way to regulate student entry and alcohol testing. Before entering, each student was required to spin a wheel that contains the options of enjoying prom, earning a gift, or visiting the dean (for alcohol and drug testing). 

As students arrived at the club in limos and other vehicles, they found Fr. Wegenka SJ and Mr. Boyer guarding the entrance with the selection wheel on their iPad. Many students enjoyed the check in process and were extremely excited for the night to come. 

With the lights dimmed,music raging, and students and their dates gathered, the 2021-2022 prom started with countless popular songs, cool dance moves, and joyful laughter. Photographers were also seen around the dance floor, capturing the delight and excitement of the students on this wonderful night. 

Students were provided with drinks, cookies, a chocolate fountain, and other varieties of food to enjoy. A patio was also available for students who simply wanted to talk with friends. 

With many thinking back on their four years at Strake Jesuit, Seniors also enjoyed their last SJ dance. 

“Having gone to and heard from friends about other proms, there is really something special about Strake Jesuit’s prom– no one does it better,” Jake Kennedy ’22 said. 

As students were leaving the club, they were able to take their own personalized Hollywood sticker with them to commemorate this exciting night.