Noah Allen wins election for student president

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Robert Strock ’23

The end of April gave us an intense runoff between several candidates vying for the position of student body president for 2022-2023. The election was filled with good candidates for the position: Noah Allen, Sergio Karam, Colin Sloan, Cole Huff, John Greeley, Jackie Ku, Sean Connelly, and more.

Noah won. 

“I’m very honored with the Strake Jesuit community that they trust me to lead the school next year,” he said.

The candidates made a variety of promises, such as revitalizing the house system as well as senior privileges. 

The results were close with John Greeley and Colin Sloan winning the positions of Vice President and Secretary respectively. 

The election results came out with record turnouts in votes in large part because of the use of social media. Many of the candidates used platforms, such as instagram, for their campaigns, an attempt to reach out to more students. In this way, this year’s campaign set a precedent for how future campaigns will be run, and with the record turnout of voters, it seems the new strategy worked, especially for Noah, who got out his message and gathered support for it.

Two other major issues that came up in the campaigns involved the length and frequency of advisory and the rules about students’ being able to leave campus at the end of the day during a free period. As president, Noah will attempt to address such concerns.

“I’m really happy that Noah won,” Federico Melena ’23 said. “I look forward to seeing what he has planned for the school.”

Strake Jesuit needs a student president able to serve both faculty and students. This will be Noah’s mission to fulfill.