Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Alex Psifidis ’23

Mrs. Gabriela Karaszewski (commonly known around SJ as Mrs. K) began teaching theology at our school less than two years ago, in August of 2020. 

Her hobbies include hiking mountains, playing with snow, swimming, baking, and most recently watching rugby. She is confident she will become an assistant rugby coach for SJ next year.

“I get to learn from my students just as much as they learn from me,” explained Mrs. K on why she enjoys teaching here at Jesuit. 

Her motto is Do everything in Jesus’ name and do it with love.

“It was given to me by God ,and I will always live by it,” she said. “Coming to Jesuit was God’s plan for me from the beginning.”

Before turning to teaching Theology, Mrs. K worked as an environmental consultant and microbiologist in New York.

“My vocation,” Mrs K said, “was to learn more about God, so I chose to follow my passion.”

That passion is for Theology, the subject that drew her back he university for a second master’s degree.

“My message to students would be to study your passion,” she said. “In college you must study what you are truly passionate about.”

Mrs. K firmly believes that God chooses something for each of us to be best doing. Our mission is simply to find it and make use of it. That, Mrs. K maintains, is the way to a happy and fruitful life.