From Crusaders to Knights

Alexander Mitchell ’22

If you’re a Catholic who attends a parish regularly, you’ve almost certainly at least heard of the Knights of Columbus. Selling food after Mass, running parish fish fries and barbecues, and forming color guards on holidays are, however, only a small part of what it means to be a knight. 

The Knights of Columbus is an organization whose mission is to defend the Catholic faith in the public sphere, and to encourage the spiritual growth of Catholic men on the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity. 

Membership is open to all practicing Catholic men aged 18 and older, and you can apply by going onto the Knights of Columbus website and filling out the application there, as well as getting in touch with your parish or university’s local chapter.

I encourage all my fellow Catholic Strake Jesuit seniors to seriously consider taking the opportunity to get involved in the Knights of Columbus, especially as a means of continuing that fraternity that we have come to value in our time here, live out our Catholic faith through service with other similarly inclined men, to promote and learn what it means to be united in Christ through adherence to and joy in the teaching of the Church and the joy of the Gospel, and to grow especially in charity—the greatest characteristic of true Christian manhood, in which the whole of one’s self is offered unto the will of God in service of one’s family and neighbors. 

If you want to get involved in an organization in which you will experience true growth, foster your Catholic faith, or just have fun volunteering and working alongside other men, the Knights is the organization for you!