Proudly Pro Life

Hurley Qi ’22

On January 20th, Strake Jesuit students celebrated the Mass for Life. 

The entire student body and faculty and staff gathered at the Competition Gym at the end of first period to recognize and celebrate the gift of life from God. Fr. RV Baylon, who arrived at Strake Jesuit in the fall of 2021, celebrated his first all school mass. 

“I always appreciate an opportunity to pray at Mass. I also always appreciate the opportunity to emphasize the importance of being Pro-life.” Shawn Varkey ’22, the president of the Strake Jesuit Pro-Life Club, said. “So, naturally I loved the pro-life Mass. Also I had no idea that Father Baylon could sing like that.”

The Pro-Life Club is one the of the many student organizations at Strake Jesuit. The club hopes to encourage the student body to realize the importance of life, and how we, as the receiver of such a gift from God, must protect and defend it. 

When asked about the mission of the club, Shawn ’22 said, “I would say it’s to take concrete action against abortion and also to raise awareness about the issue and other pro life issues, such euthanasia.”

The Pro-Life Club and its members have been busy for the past few months to accomplish its goals. 

“A few of our members just attended the March for Life. Also, we regularly hold diaper drives for different pro-life organizations around the city. However, the main way our club takes action against abortion is by prayer,” Shawn ’22 said. “Our club has a monthly Rosary, and our club leadership attends Mass every day along with several club members. Oftentimes, we offer up our Communions in reparation for the evil of abortion and also in petition for an end to abortion.”