Forty take 90-day spiritual exercise

Hurley Qi ’22

On January 17th, 2022, 40 students and faculty members of Strake Jesuit embarked on a spiritual journey named Exodus 90. 

Exodus 90 is a 90-day spiritual exercise to help men grow detached from material distractions and gain true freedom. In simple terms, Exodus 90 is like an extended version of Lent. The exercise consists of a list of disciplines, ranging from taking cold showers to abstaining from social media, for the participants to take up in order to grow to be freed from the allure of worldly objects. 

“The focus of Exodus 90 is not only to grow in our faith, but also to grow closer as brothers while we sacrifice the everyday luxuries that we take for granted for each other and our success,” Rafa Parra ’22, one of the 40 members who joined the exercise, said. “Or it sucks, but in a good way.” 

Exodus 90 also gives its participants the opportunity to grow closer to God. The spiritual exercise calls for a daily holy hour of prayer and daily readings of the Book of Exodus. The daily holy hour of prayer should consist of silent prayer, thanksgiving, intercession, and examen. Exodus 90 allows its participants to build up a habit of prayers, reflections, and appreciation. Through it, they are able to form closer relationships with God. 

As humans, we were made for community. Therefore, Exodus 90 also consists of fraternity groups for the participants to bond with each other. Amidst the difficult disciplines, participants are able to share their struggles with one another and form authentic relationships.  

As these 40 students and faculty members continue on this spiritual exercise, please pray for them! If you would like more information, please contact Fr. Wegenka at the Pastoral Ministry Center.