Become a Kairos student leader

Drake Decker ’22

Kairos is a retreat that every Strake Jesuit student goes on at the Retreat and Leadership Center (LRC). This retreat is a very formative one for many of our students, a safe and beautiful space where growth in spirituality and brotherhood thrive. 

You should want to become a Kairos Student Leader. 

It’s a cool experience. Kairos lasts four days and three nights at the RLC up in Leona, Texas. There are cabins where the students on retreat stay in with a student leader and faculty leader. 

There is a bright and early wake up call, and you do various activities, some religious some not, way until after the sun sets and the cold sets in. The activities consist of various types of prayer, games, and bonding with your fellow brothers that you have been with for three years prior. As a Leader, you help to make all of this happen. You prepare for months ahead, so you will know exactly what to do. 

Another gain from Kairos is getting to grow in friendship with the faculty members on the retreat. There are around 10 of them, and you work with them closely. This time you spend with them is one you will always cherish for their friendship and shared spiritual journeys. 

I remember feeling the immense satisfaction of seeing a retreatant who was more reserved at the beginning of the Kairos open up and talk and laugh and pray with others. The feeling that I was a part of this was awesome. 

There is so much more that I cannot tell you about the growth and fun you receive from becoming a Kairos leader. Come find out for yourself.  Live the Fourth.