Our schedule works

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Hurley Qi ’22

Every year, the school administration faces the daunting task of organizing the class schedules of over 1,300 students. Strake Jesuit currently uses an eight- day rotation schedule. The current schedule allows students to take five classes per day, with a fifty minute community time after the first period. The current schedule also divides lunch into two thirty five minute periods. The freshman and sophomore class will have A lunch after their second period, and the junior and senior class will have B lunch after their third period. The current Strake Jesuit schedule is able to provide ample free time, maximize learning, and foster creativity. 

The fifty-minute community time after the first period provides students with ample free time to play with friends, meet with teachers, and complete school assignments. During that time, students can complete homework assignments, meet with clubs, and receive tutoring help from teachers. Community time allows students to relax amidst a tough day of school and time to prepare for later classes. 

The current schedule sets class length as sixty minutes. Such class length is able to maximize students’ learning without causing students to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information presented. The hour-long class also simplifies the schedule, and allows students to easily identify class starting and ending time.

The eight-day rotation schedule allows students to experience different classes at different time slots during the day. Unlike the fixed schedule, which can lead to repetitiveness and boredom due to going to the same class every day, the rotation schedule brings variety and excitement into the student campus life.