Club profile: Bar-B-Que Club

Photo by Isaac Taylor on

Drake Decker ’22

Many new clubs have shot up on Strake Jesuit’s campus. One for all of the Texas food lovers is the Bar-B-Que Club.

“We have around 130 members in the club,” its president Mark D’Andrea ’22 said. “This is the first real year of the club, and we have big things in store.” 

The new club is attractive to prospective members because of the type of students on campus: high school males. Many have grown up around the culture of and love for Texas bar-b-que.

How did Mark get this new club idea? “I got a smoker for Christmas,” he said, “put a brisket on for 10 hours, came back, and it was the best brisket ever.”

He then took the idea and made it into a real club, with a specific purpose.

“To get more people to try my smoked meats,” Mark said. “I want to educate and enlighten people about the art of BBQ, while also giving a communicable bonding though smoked meats.”

This club has so much potential as a catering service on sight of the campus for events. I personally have tried the brisket and I agree with Mr. D’Andrea on the superb quality of the meat. 

Mark’s skill is not just confined to brisket. “Ribs, sausage, and more,” Mark said. “Our goal is to come out once a month and serve Bar-B-Que to the whole student body.”

The idea of the Bar-B-Que Club is great for our type of school and the location. The club has many things in store and you do not want to miss out on getting in a club like this before it takes off.