Photo by Nicholas Smith ’22

Drake Decker ’22

The ASC turned Alumni Engagement Coordinator at Strake Jesuit, Mr. Eddie George, graduated from here in 2016. While he was first attending Jesuit, there was the 400 building called Hample Hall, a cramped science building where Schneidau Courtyard is now. Agee hall was called the STEM building, and up until his junior year, the soccer fields were apartments. Lastly, in between his junior and senior year, he started helping faculty members, friends, and family buy cars, walking them through the entire process, ensuring they would get a great deal. 

After graduating from Strake Jesuit, Mr. George attended Saint Louis University and majored in international business, while working at the Enterprise headquarters until COVID hit in 2020. He graduated that spring and decided to move back to Houston. Once in Houston, he applied for the Alumni Service Corps position in mid-June and started the job in August. He never originally intended on working at Jesuit, but the pandemic switched everything up for him.

As an ASC, Mr. George worked in the IT department and helped around campus in various capacities. His new job in the Advancement Office is to help our alumni come together, keep the experience of Strake Jesuit brotherhood alive after graduation, and to encourage alumni to contribute to the school. 

“Transitioning from ASC to a full-time position at Jesuit has been incredible,” Mr. George said. “I learned so much last year about ways I can best integrate myself into the community and am now able to reach so many people with my new position.”

Mr. George loves not only Strake Jesuit but also cars. 

“To my dad, I give credit for my passion from a young age for the automotive industry,” Mr. George said. “He exposed me to the industry from car shows to dealerships.”

Nowadays, he continues helping people in the Jesuit community get the best deals when buying cars. While at Jesuit, he helped anyone and everyone to buy a car if they pleased. If you ever need anything pertaining to Alumni events, the ASC position, or car advice, Mr. George is your guy.