YOuTube Channel Recommendations: Sports, News, Education

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Ricardo Gonzalez ’21, Will Turboff ’22, Alec Zierlein ’22, Nicolas Valladolid ’23

Cult Tennis does really good in depth analysis on player’s careers and different topics concerning tennis. It is a relatively new channel but it still makes very high quality videos. 

JxmyHighroller is about basketball on every level and events that have happened on and off the court. It has has done videos comparing current NBA players to Michael Jordan, informing viewers on NBA fun facts, and crazy stories about NBA players. My favorite video of his has been about the NBA player closest to Michael Jordan. He used tons of categories such as scoring, rebounding, steals, and physical attributes to compare current NBA players to Jordan and find which one resembles his playstyle the most.

KTO talks about narratives and stories from within college football. He brings up a lot of players or teams that have not been spoken of as much as they should be.

Vox analyzes global issues such as the refugee crisis and the problems with plastics in the ocean; does very in-depth story telling about a wide range of topics. 

Khan Academy is a go-to YouTube channel for middle high school students go get help with their studies. Sal Khan never disappoints with his top quality videos and thorough explanations. Whether you’re looking for Physics tutorials or a historical analysis, Khan Academy is a great resource to improve your understanding.