Carpe Diem, says a Senior

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Ricardo Gonzalez ’21

I have had an unforgettable experience here at Strake Jesuit. Below are my top three tips to do well at here, all accumulated through four years of stress, joy, failure, and success.

Tip #1: Enjoy your time and meet some friends. In the grand scheme of things, the main thing that you will get out of your experience here is some meaningful relationships. Years down the line you are not going to remember how to balance equations or do integrals with u substitution. What you are going to remember are the locker room antics, Kairos buddies, and off-campus lunches with your friends. 

Tip #2: Your teachers are your friends. Sometimes class isn’t easy. The first time I struggled academically at Strake was sophomore year in Mr. Diaz’s AC Chemistry class. The lectures weren’t sticking and the material was hard, but after I came in to talk with him to ask specific questions, my grade in the class dramatically improved. Take advantage of the small class sizes and build relationships with your teachers, as it is an important skill to have for college.

Tip #3: Enjoy your time outside of class. Sometimes the college applications, grades, and standardized tests consume your energy and cause unnecessary stress. It is more important to walk your dog, spend some time outside, or play games with your family. I remember when my 20+ college applications got the best of me. Although I am happy with where I am going, sometimes I regret not going to the basketball games or missing a family dinner to finish up my essays. Enjoy your time and minimize stress.