hurrah, At Last

Photo by Ricardo Gonzalez ’21

Will Turboff ‘ 22, Nico Valladolid ’23

Nearly four years after beginning their journey as Crusaders, members of the class of 2021 celebrated their last class day on campus–May 14–with games, food, and fun. This annual event, known as “Vamos a la Playa,” brings seniors together to celebrate and reminisce about their experience at Strake Jesuit: 

This is my last day on campus, last time seeing the teachers, really the last time living out the daily life. Ever since I was a freshman, just going to class never thinking that it’s gonna be the last time, but now that it is, it feels pretty important. – Willie Brown ‘21

It’s just a joyous occasion, but a little sad that our time at Strake Jesuit is done. Hopefully everyone can stay in touch and cherish the memories that we made. – Alex Frugoni ‘21

For me, especially since I’ve been online this entire year and decided to come back for this last day, it means catching up with old friends and being able to see everyone for one last time and being a part of this community again because it’s something else, something really special at Strake Jesuit. It’s more of a brotherhood. So this is just one last time with my old friends, one last hoorah. – Saxen Burt ‘21