Is Plexiglass needed for small classes?

Ricardo Gonzalez ’21

I wish that we could get rid of the plexiglass atop students desks in those classes with a small number of people relative to the size of the space. 

The plexiglass makes it much more difficult to hear classmates during classroom discussions or even to listen to the teacher. Removing plexiglass whenever possible could increase the students’ learning ability from better teaching clarity. Overall, this small change could improve academic performance in general at Strake Jesuit.

Another approach could involve using outdoor classes more. This is the best way to avoid plexiglass. From what I have heard on campus, it is much more refreshing to have class outside as a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. It is also probably safer than inside because the seats are more spread out and there is usually a slight breeze. Using our outdoor space could make the school more comfortable and safe.

Plexiglass is also just plain uncomfortable. It limits your desk space. It forces you to lean back in your chair. It restricts your writing and movement. Nobody likes it.

It would be nice if the school provided some study that proves the efficacy of plexiglass, helping the students better understand the need. The school should find out how many kids there are in each classroom each period and make removable the unneeded (and unwanted) plexiglass.