eligible SJ Students should get COVID vaccine

Photo by Nicolas Smith ’22

Hurley Qi ’22

Strake Jesuit students should receive the vaccine in order to help to quickly curb the Coronavirus pandemic. 

After over a year long struggle of combating Covid-19, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson each created its own vaccine for FDA approval with the result that millions of doses of vaccine have been administered. Many states now allow all people over the age of 16 to register for the vaccine. 

It is true that the creation of the Covid-19 vaccine has been the quickest in medical history, and many people are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine. However, unlike the creation of vaccines in the past, the experiment for Covid-19 vaccine received vast amounts of funding, easy communication between scientists, and the new RNA technology. 

Normal vaccine will inject a weaker version of the virus into our body in order to build up the immune system. RNA vaccine, on the other hand, teaches our immune system to build up its defenses against the real virus. RNA technology truly helps to shorten the time needed to create a vaccine. 

Furthermore, all American vaccines have passed all the FDA requirements. Although the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is currently under further research, the major vaccines brands, Pfizer and Moderna, have proven to be over 95% effective during their clinical trials. 

With over 86 millions Americans fully vaccinated, Strake Jesuit students should be open to receiving vaccines because there is sufficient evidence to support the safety of the vaccine.