Tennis captain looks to a strong season

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Hurley Qi ’22

With the start of the spring tennis season, new Varsity Tennis captain Reed Hightower ’22 has been preparing to lead his squad on a crusade to victory. 

Reed started playing tennis around the age of seven. Three years later after trying soccer, basketball, and some other sports, Reed began intense training for tennis. As a junior, he plays varsity line one singles for the team. 

Reed loves for tennis for how it builds up fortitude and provides a healthy emotional outlet.

“I think tennis is set apart from other sports by its emphasis on self-reliance,” Reed said. “When I go on the court, I have the help of teammates, and only on certain occasions am I allowed coaching.”

That’s how playing tennis builds self-trust, according to Reed.

“Along with this,” he said. “It takes a lot of patience to stay in a match, and one of the hardest aspects of the game is letting go of lost points.”

As the new team captain, Reed hopes to bring more laughter and joy to the Strake Jesuit tennis courts. He hopes to be able to unite the team under challenges and allow team members to bond with each other. 

“I want the players at Jesuit to learn to rely on themselves on the court and rely on each other off the court,” Reed said. “I want us all to gain confidence, optimism, and perseverance, before every match, during every practice, and after all our wins and losses. Strake Jesuit is a preparatory school, and our team should prepare us just as much as our academics for the future.”

Even with the COVID crisis, Mr. Hightower believes that the team has improved and is ready to face any challenge.

“For me, the team is brothers to compete and grow with,” Reed said. “For others, it is a place to try new things and learn a new skill; at the very least, it’s a fun environment with plenty of laughter and a place to call yours. We are always looking for our next prodigy, and we are always ready for new teammates.” 

Reed encourages all students to try out for tennis if they want to. He believes that the tennis team has a bright future.