Career opportunities club sprouts–and blossoms

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

Ricardo Gonzalez ’21

I remember the exact moment when the Career Opportunities Club idea was born. 

While Liam and I were in the dining hall talking about future career paths, we realized that we had not explored nearly as many options as we had wanted to. Although I have been fortunate enough to shadow various physicians throughout my high school years, it has not been the same for many of my friends. 

“Many of my peers were in similar situations, struggling to find enticing extracurricular interest among colorless informational websites,” Liam Garcia ’21, co-president of the club, stated. 

We needed to create a club that would allow these high school students to get exposure to various professional fields. Our need for mentorship led us to create a club in which we provided personal, interactive experiences with a diverse selection of professionals.

Among our most interesting speakers was an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Parsley, whose work was kindled by his love for interpersonal relationships. It appealed to me that personal connection was a predominant aspect of what I considered to be a clinical and analytical career. Through our dialogue, my friends and I were able to see if our own characteristics aligned with this area of interest. 

Following our conversation with Dr. Parsley, we spoke with an ambitious energy company founder about his more circuitous entrepreneurial career path. Even for those who were not interested in a high-risk journey, his work ethic and innovative perspectives were palpable and inspirational.

“I was really able to relate with Mr. Bradshaw,” our treasurer, Mills McCormick ’22, said. “I could really align my interests with his career path.” 

Although Dr. Parsley and Mr. Bradshaw had differing interests and career paths, their commonalities overlapped with hard work, clear vision, and ambition.