Mr. Carlos Roman: math teacher, man for others

Hurley Qi ’22

Mr. Carlos Roman has been part of the Strake Jesuit faculty since 1986. When Mr. Roman first started teaching here, the school had around 500 students, less than half its current size. Mr. Roman has watched the school grow from a small-scaled school into a much larger one, with more students than some small colleges have. 

What attracted Mr. Roman to Strake Jesuit?

“It is a Catholic school,” he said. “I  wanted to be a teacher in a school that is based on the Catholic teaching, preferably on the Jesuit way.”

Mr Roman wishes students to enjoy their study at Strake Jesuit and embrace the Catholic principles to serve others and be faithful to God.

“Strake Jesuit stands for everything I believe in,” he said, “the Catholic doctrine, to serve, not to be served, to love God and other human beings. We do that through regular training, to put our talents in service of everyone else.”

Mr. Roman has served. He has taught computer science, chemistry, physics, and all the math courses offered at Strake except AP Calculus AB and AP statistics. He has taught students in all four grade levels and watched the graduation of many fine young men.

“I recommend the students take the faith seriously and form strong relationships with God,” Mr. Roman said,  “I hope they can form strong love for fellow human beings, use talents to the best of their ability, be the best they can be, so they can help others.”

Mr. Roman thinks the students at Strake Jesuit embrace the core value of the school and consistently try to be men for others.

“I expect the school to continue on the same journey, trying to help young people to realize their talents, strong relationships with God, service to others,” Mr. Roman said.