Ms. maria peden joins SJ

Alex Wang ’22

During this new school year, we have had many new additions to the Strake Jesuit faculty. One of them is Ms. Maria Peden, a new college counselor, who teaches US History and College Readiness.

After working in the University of Houston Athletics Department for 23 years, most recently as Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services, Ms. Peden jumped at the opportunity to come to Strake Jesuit.

“I have always wanted to work in a Catholic environment,” Ms. Peden said.

So far, Ms. Peden has had a smooth transition into Strake and is really feeling the support and kindness that the community has shown her. Ms. Peden likes to bake, read, and travel around the world. Believe it or not, she’s also an equestrian, meaning she’s pretty good at riding horses! 

Ms. Peden worked with multiple athletes during her time with UH Athletics, including football players such as Kyle Allen, Ed Oliver, and Greg Ward.

Her favorite food is the Shipley’s Apple Fritter or the Dairy Queen blizzard.