food bank student hero

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Hurley Qi ’22

Due to the COVID pandemic, many school projects and plans were halted or canceled. Amidst all the panic and uncertainty, Ryan Rassoli ’21 chose to be a “Man for Others.”

Instead of staying at home, Mr Rassoli volunteered at the Houston Food Bank as a Student Hero. “I knew I had to do something to help during the pandemic,” he said, “ and with all the financial pressures being caused by COVID, I thought volunteering at the food bank would help lots of people.”

According to Mr Rassoli, the COVID pandemic also changed the volunteer process at the Houston Foodbank. The amount of volunteers per shift decreased from 100-200 volunteers to fewer than 50 volunteers, which placed more responsibility and pressure on volunteers like Mr. Rassoli. 

“My specific tasks ,” Mr. Rassoli said, “involved supervising and guiding local volunteers in sanitizing, packing, and distributing goods to the community all across the Houston area.” When volunteer numbers were especially low,  Mr Rassoli would assist the project manager with warehouse tasks. 

“My experience at the Food Bank has taught me the importance of collaboration and leadership during trying times,” Mr. Rassoli said. He believed the experience resonated with him because he learned “what an impact one can have on a community by simply helping for a few hours a day.” 

“I would highly recommend volunteering at the Houston Food Bank whenever time allows you,” Mr. Rassoli said.