time to capitalize on free space

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Christian Felan ’23

Covering fifty-two acres, our Strake Jesuit campus offers ample free space for students to enjoy and use for both academic and athletic purposes, but are there places where open space is not being used to its full potential?

Our campus offers a variety of high quality complexes from the STEM – specialized Agee Hall, to the Moody Library, to our top-notch sports and athletic facilities. No doubt about it. Attending Strake Jesuit allows you to maximize your skills and develop newfound interests. However, there are always new ways that our campus could be renovated or expanded to provide the best SJ student experience possible. 

Consider the empty lots that can be found throughout campus. Notable areas where good amounts of empty space can be found include the huge lot behind Zinnamon Hall, the area in front of the Moody Library, the space behind the Clay Center, and the field following the Lilly Fieldhouse. These all have possibilities.

What about an observatory? It is well known that Strake Jesuit is a huge supporter of the STEM branches, displayed through our multi-purpose Agee Hall, equipped with laboratories and technological centers, as well as our elite engineering team, along with numerous clubs in mathematics and sciences. Notably, Strake Jesuit boast an astronomy club and an aerospace club, both of which would make good use of this facility.

Another addition that could be pitched is some kind of outdoor event center. When you think of all of the receptions and gatherings hosted at the school, they normally take place in either the gymnasium, the dining hall, or the auditorium. However, for some events, including festivals and fundraisers, and outdoor center would provide the perfect place to entertain guests. Additionally, it could be available for selected fine-arts performances as well. The walkway in front of the lecture hall is the current location for outdoor entertainment, but an expansion or reconstruction of an outdoor center would greatly benefit students in the performing arts. There could also be revenue for the school from renting the facility to outside groups.

Considering these suggestions on new additions to our Strake Jesuit campus could heavily impact the morale and effectiveness of our students. Campus life is a huge component to our success inside and outside of the classroom.. Providing our students with as many opportunities for success is key at Strake Jesuit and encourages students to work hard and enhance their skills.