Amen for Friday advisory

By Hurley Qi ’22

After adapting to the routine of Tuesday advisory, Strake Jesuit students were surprised  when they heard the familiar announcement to report to Advisory but on a Friday morning.

This has been a change for the better.

After struggling through the harsh Monday, completing the endless amount of weekend homework, and desperately trying to adapt to the busy school days, students have no energy to engage in the advisory program on Tuesday. Most students would rather spend their community time finishing their homework or studying for an upcoming test. Scientific studies also showed that Tuesday is actually the hardest day of the week. How can students possibly like an advisory placed on the most dreadful day of the week? 

However, with advisory moved to Friday, students, looking forward to the relaxing weekend, can actually loosen up a bit and enjoy advisory with their classmates. Having fewer imminent exams or homework assignments, students can use their advisory time to savor SJET and learn about the fun activities the SJ campus offers. 

Friday advisory has proven to be a better choice than Tuesday advisory. Such a minuscule change may seem insignificant to some people, but it will definitely increase the students’ productivity and joy throughout the week days.