Mr. Nuñez models our mission

By John Strock ’21

Even though it is only his first year at Strake Jesuit, Mr. Lorenzo Nuñez has made a huge impact for the better on many students both in and out of the classroom, as a Theology teacher, dean, and rugby coach.

Born in the small West Texas town of Muleshoe, Mr. Nuñez has slowly developed into the kind man he is today through his devotion to God. Mr. Nuñez was the first person in his family to graduate from college – an achievement of which both he and his family are very proud. He went to Benedictine College and studied pre-law until he joined a program called TOTUS TUUS over the summer, which teaches students of all ages about the Catholic faith. He immediately felt called to follow a different path and switched his major to theology.

Hard work and respect for others have motivated him to the position he has achieved today. He hopes to instill this same spirit while teaching each of his students.

Mr. Nuñez has been thankful to God and others for every aspect of his life, “My mother and father raised me to be respectful,” Mr. Nuñez said, “Benedictine taught me to Love Jesus Christ, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students taught me to love His mission, and my wife and girls have taught me to love no matter what.” Every journey in his life has molded Mr. Nuñez into a true “Man For Others.”

In his own words, Strake Jesuit is truly “a special place,” with the greatest students and faculty any school could offer. Even though he has been here for less than a year, he feels as if he’s been here his entire life because of the warm and friendly atmosphere. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Nuñez loves coaching rugby as well as listening to and playing musical instruments, which include the saxophone, drums, and guitar. Above all, however, his favorite thing is to spend time with his family, specifically his wife and children. 

For the graduating seniors, Mr. Nuñez hopes that they continue to be honest and humble and take the morals that they have learned at Strake and apply them to the rest of their lives. By doing this, he believes, they will follow the path God has set before them to live the best life they possibly can, just as he feels he has done.