Theater delivers one-act plays

By Devon Phillips ’20

The first two showings of the annual Strake Jesuit Student Directed One Act Plays just finished, but there is still plenty of time to make the shows that will be playing February 20th 5pm-7pm and the 21st 4pm-6pm, according to Mr. Michael Sullivan ‘87, our Theater Department Head.

The Student Directed One Act Plays are scripts that are selected by theater students approved by Mr. Sullivan and then directed by that same student. Directing a play is a new experience for many of these students, and Lee Larson ‘21 tells me that the hardest part for him is “getting the point across to the actors” while also finding the best way to work with the actors.

There is a list of four different shows that range from gut-splitting comedies to quaint love stories, and these shows are certainly finely tuned after the strenuous three weeks of rehearsal that Lee described to me. 

Though these shows are far from over the theater department is looking forward to the Spring show in April and continuing comedy sports. 

The hard work put into these shows is just part of the routine for theater at Strake Jesuit. Lee compares the relationships between the theater students to that of a family.

This tight-knit club is a commitment that overflows with student leadership opportunities. 

Don’t miss these last shows!