Financial aid advances our mission

By Devon Phillips ’20

As the Strake Jesuit community gears up for Spring Fling and sells raffle tickets, I sat down with Mr. Montroy to discuss the Strake Jesuit financial aid department and his job as a financial aid coordinator. 

The financial aid department has grown steadily over the past few years as our student population and tuition have also increased. Dispensing financial aid is an important part of the school’s mission to offer a Jesuit education to as many boys as possible. 

Strake Jesuit’s financial aid program is generous. Currently, 15% of Strake Jesuit students receive some type of financial aid, and this year alone the financial aid department at Strake Jesuit has given almost $2.5 million to its students. These numbers are impressive, yet they do not even account for other forms of aid such as lunch assistance, school trip aid, or school grants. The financial aid given to admitted Strake Jesuit students is explicitly need-based, and does not include awards like the Ignatian Scholar, which is offered to potential Strake Jesuit students who show extraordinary academic achievement in their middle school. 

The financial aid department mostly consists of an anonymous board who make decisions with as much attention as possible to the needs of individual families rather than exclusively through a formula.

Mr. Montroy described his role inside the department as a “facilitator,”relaying information he collects about the Strake Jesuit families to the board while also working through the board’s decisions with the families. Mr. Montroy likes that his job as our financial aid coordinator involves  “helping individuals” and “giving opportunity” to our families in need. 

Our financial aid program is an important way in which our community fulfills our Jesuit mission to be “ Men and Women for Others.”