Robotics team looks forward to another successful year

By Hurley Qi ’22

Technological advancement can truly be described as the crown of the twenty-first century. In this modern era, the combined Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and St. Agnes Academy Spectrum 3847 Engineering and Robotics Team is helping to shape the future of engineers through their work in the lab. 

After a year of hard work, dedication, and focus, Spectrum 3847 won the Roebling division at the 2018-2019 world championship and was placed sixth internationally. 

Everyday after school, the Spectrum team members would work tirelessly in the robotics lab to perfect their project and prepare themselves for the upcoming season. 

“It was an adrenaline rush and excitement to watch our team compete in the world championship semifinals. We had fun and it was a fantastic experience!”  exclaimed Gerhen Braza’ 22, a member of Spectrum 3847. 

With such a fantastic season last year, Felipe Martinez ’ 22, an active member in the team since his freshman year, hopes “that the Spectrum team keep up the excellent performances and maybe even do better than last year.”

The Spectrum team is already showing signs of a great upcoming season; the team traveled to Louisiana for an off-season competition in September and won first place. 

“Redstick Rumble is an off-season event, so that means that we use this time to train others in how to do things for the actual season. Even people who only joined this year can come out and drive the robot for a few matches. It was a lot of fun and a great experience,” reported Felipe Martinez. 

Be sure to check out Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and St. Agnes Academy Spectrum 3847 Engineering Robotics team on Instagram @spectrum3847 or their website If you are amazed by their works and wish to join, please contact