SJ Varsity Football defeats Hastings, 24-7

By Liam Smith ’20

The Strake Jesuit Crusaders took care of the Alief Hastings Bears 24-7 Friday, October 11. Jesuit controlled their time of possession for the majority of the game. This forced Hastings’ defense to stay on the field for long drives while their offense could not function within its means. The result: Hastings gave up 24 unanswered points and could only muster 7 in garbage time. 

Strake Jesuit started the game with a methodical five minute drive—amounting to only three points. Their second drive began to unfold in the same fashion, yet, cornerback Brice Robinson intercepted the ball around Hastings’ 35 yard line. Hastings’ first drive had ended in a punt due to an untimely holding call. In the same way, the Bears could not capitalize on the shift in momentum and promptly went three-and-out. Even worse, their punter botched the snap and recovered it at the Crusader’s 10 yard line. Senior quarterback William Dickason—who has the second most rushing yards in the district—rushed for a score on the next play. Another senior, defensive linemen Grant Perry, made an important tackle for loss on the ensuing series. With their offense behind the chains, Hastings could not convert on an obvious passing down and went three-and-out again. With the half drawing near, Jesuit wanted increase their lead and potentially seal the game. Those hopes were nearly thwarted with two consecutive false starts. However, junior wide receiver, Robert Smith, had a massive 30 yard catch-and-run. The Crusaders, well within field goal range, took a timeout with 1:27 left in the half. Surprisingly, running back Dylan Campbell ‘20 slashed through a hole for 15 yards. And with two more running plays, they were at the 1 yard line. Strake Jesuit spiked the ball, formed half of a huddle, hurried to the line, and scored on a cheeky bootleg by Dickason to make it 17-0 with 19 seconds left in the half. Hastings would not respond.

They would come out of the half with a 40 yard kickoff return, only to get flagged for holding on 1st and 10. The disruptive junior nose tackle, Jacob Psyk, forced a sack and a subsequent three-and-out. Notice a pattern? The Crusader’s first drive saw an uncharacteristic two play action passes which set the team on the one-yard line again. This time, Dickason ran on quarterback sneak for his second touchdown of the night. Hastings, again, fell behind the chains on a holding call and fumbled another snap. Jesuit would not capitalize, setting off a punter’s duel until late in the fourth quarter when Hastings’ wide receiver, Kilien Jackson, ‘mossed’ a Jesuit defensive back. The surprising play woke the offense; the Bears scored their first seven points with 4:35 left in the game. Jesuit’s head coach, Klay Kubiak, opted to play his second string players while running the clock out. Running backs, Alex May ‘21 and Joel Crawford ‘22, gained valuable in-game experience. 

In terms of numbers, William Dickason surprisingly earned a third of the team’s 300 all purpose yards. Dylan Campbell, a running back averaging over 150 yards per game and ranking 34th in the state in total rushing yards coming into the game, left with a mild 75 yards. The Bears played decent defense despite all the time they spent on the field. Their offense could not find any rhythm whilst playing from behind and forcing themselves to pass. 

Next week the Fighting Crusaders visit the fearsome Pearland Oilers, the same team who ousted Jesuit for the district title, holds a 5-1 record, and just happens to be led by a 3-star quarterback (and former VYPE cover athlete) in J.D Head.