Film Club: Sharing What We Love

Ignacio Perez '20 reports on a new club.

By Ignacio Perez ’20

Everybody loves movies, so it’s a surprise that the Strake Jesuit film club is just coming into existence.

“The purpose of the club is to provide students the opportunity to enrich themselves with movies they might have otherwise not been able to see,” said Nathan Joseph ’20, Vice President of the film club.

The club aims to watch and discuss multiple movies this coming year and possibly experiment with taking a field trip to a movie theater. The film club had their first meeting on October 10. 

The meeting started with a bang. Micheal Oructt and Nathan Joseph introduced themselves as the leaders of the club and went straight into presenting the findings of their latest survey. All club members were asked to submit their favorite movie, least favorite movie, and favorite actor. It was a well rounded list since members came from each and every grade. Once the submissions were shared, the list was narrowed by deciding what movies had been seen already by the majority of the club to limit the number of movies on the list. With this newly established list the club could now vote for what movie to start watching during the next meeting. The vote went quite smoothly with each person voicing two movies to watch. The first movie the film club decided to watch is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, an excellent movie about two highschoolers who travel back in time for a school history project.

The meeting had a clear, organized agenda, and the members seem excited to continue meeting throughout the school year.