A woman for others

by Alex Buettgen ’22

The 2019 – 2020 school year has brought about many changes to Strake Jesuit, including the arrival of many new teachers, such Theology teacher Ms. Morgan Leverenz. She is from Sugar Land, where she attended Clements High School, just as Coach Collier did. She also graduated from Francisan University in Steubenville, Ohio. 

Ms. Leverenz found out about Strake Jesuit through friends that came here as well as friends who had taught here. This is her first year teaching. She loves it and loves the culture at Strake Jesuit.  

“I love that faith is incorporated schoolwide with The Examen and prayers before class and before school,” she said.

Ms. Leverenz is currently teaching five classes: three Theology 2 classes and two Theology 1 classes. She brings many unique approaches to her classes, including a Saint of the Week, in which students study a new saint. How did the individual become a saint? What are his or her backstories and impacts? What is he or she the patron saint of? 

“It really helps me to understand the lives of these Saints so I can grow in my faith and be more like them,” sophomore Jake Foster said. 

Her teaching methods aim to engage the students. She allows them to move at their own pace, makes her lectures interactive and fun, and has students to do group work. 

“I like doing group work because it allows me to gravitate off of other people’s ideas and helps me learn better,” said sophomore Luke Fendrick. 

Ms. Leverenz loves the environment and people at Strake Jesuit, and that is returned with praises from her students, some even stating that they look forward to Theology, which is vital to our mission of creating Men for Others.