Athletes start the school year with safety training

By Corlan Joubert ’20

The start of the school year means not only new classes and new teachers but also the start of high school sports. For this reason, a mandatory meeting with all the athletes, trainers, and coaches is held in the Parsley Center in August.

This meeting educates the athletes on the importance of hydration, concussion awareness, and other medical needs.

“Every year we have the meeting I always get kind of a wake up call on how important it is that I keep my body loaded with water throughout the day,” said Camden Terry ’20.

Safety is a priority in all high school athletics. Coaches and trainers do their best to address injuries, which can seem inevitable but are avoidable. The athletes understand as much and take this meeting very seriously.

“Knowing that we have to go through this meeting every year seems like it would a drag, but as we grow older the importance of the meeting is clear. I’m thankful that the school takes the time to tell us about this,” said Christian Gordon ’20.

With the proper training, athletes of all ages and schools have their best chance for an injury-free season.