Freshman Orientation welcomes the class of 2023

created by dji camera

Hurley Qi ’22 

From August 12 to August 14, Crusader Crew members spent three days helping 362 freshmen adapt to their new school, Strake Jesuit.

On day one, the newly-arrived freshmen were divided into houses and assigned to crew leaders. They also received their iPads, learned the Alma Mater, and participated in the annual Crew Olympic house competition.

On the second day, freshmen met their respective teacher, listened to a cyber security talk by police officers, and went to Mass.

On the final day, freshmen learned new study skills, took their yearbook photo, and went to matriculation.

“Freshman Orientation was an amazing experience,” said Karan Shah ’23. “It gave us time to introduce ourselves and start to build friendship. All the crew members were extremely nice, kind, caring, helpful, humorous, and knowledgeable. However the best thing is that they made us feel at home, as they were peers who had gone through the same freshman experience. It helped me a lot.”

On August 15, all students returned to campus for the first day of school. The once empty hallways were filled with students roaming around; the once quiet classrooms were echoed with tales of adventure during summer; and the once peaceful campus was suddenly filled with excitement–and with eager, confident ninth-graders, thanks to freshman orientation.