College Counseling launches new readiness program

By Corlan Joubert ’20, William Koehler ’20, and Ignacio Perez ’20

Juniors try out new ACT/SAT prep program in College Readiness.

As the 2019 school year begins at Strake Jesuit, a new course has been added, College Readiness, led by the college counselors.

This class aims to help students better understand the college application process starting at the end of freshman year going until the fall semester of senior year. Although college counselors will still offer one-on-one meetings with students and parents and continue to host evening programs, the readiness course has already begun to meet.

“Some students knew a lot about the process and some didn’t know as much as others. Our job is just to teach what to expect and make the process as easy as possible,”  said Ms. Jimenez who already started teaching the course.

Students will learn how to easily navigate websites that are commonly used in the application process.

“I learned to link my Common App account to my Naviance,” said Trey Hewell, a senior.

Much more information is to come in the months ahead. 

“The course provides help with applications for college, career path tests, college essays for all students, and test prep.” said Mr. Fuller, Director of College Counseling. 

A new online SAT/ACT prep program engages students with video tutorials that include teaching and animations. This will help to make test prep a lot more appealing to students, boost the involvement of all students and improve their scores on standardized tests.