Savor Your Kairos Experience

By Corlan Joubert ’20

Every year at Strake Jesuit, each grade level has a school retreat. Freshman year we have Freshman Retreat; sophomore year, Father-Son Retreat; and junior year, Kairos.

Kairos has always been said to be the most memorable and impactful retreat during our time at Strake Jesuit. Students and faculty have talked about how they grew closer to God and their friends when they went on Kairos. After going on Kairos, I can confidently say that everything they said is true.

Arriving at the retreat center, I came in with the mindset that this is just another retreat that we just have to go on and that I wouldn’t get anything out of it, in spite of all the hype it was getting. But after just the first day, I could already see what everybody back at Strake Jesuit had been talking about.

Throughout the whole retreat,all the activities we did allowed me to find out more about myself. The activities also allowed me to make new friends and build relationships with them and learn new things about friends I already had that strengthened our relationship. And I know this going to sound cliche, but I genuinely felt like I was growing closer with God. So around the third day there, everything that I’ve heard proved to be true.

All in all, Kairos LXXXIII was a great experience for me. To all the sophomores that will be going on Kairos next year, I suggest that you go in with an open mind and make as many “Kairos Moments” as you can.