Freshman Orientation, an overview

By Liam Amado ’19

Freshman Orientation is a yearly event that helps the incoming freshman make friends, learn about Jesuit, and transition to high school—in August, before classes start.

This year, Crusader Crew welcomed the largest ever class of freshmen. These 304 members of the class of 2023 arrived early in the morning, eager to begin their journey as Crusaders.

The day began with freshmen sorted into many different houses. Interestingly, a whole new house system was implemented. There were 4 new houses, which included Jogues, Faber, Campion, and Claver. Besides the house system, orientation was a chance to have fun by engaging in numerous icebreakers and games, including spoons, dodgeball, tug of war, knockout, and yard games. Knockout was very entertaining, as the teams battled it out to a very close game.

Freshman Orientation also consisted of iPad distribution and Schola Brevis. Students were issued brand new iPad Pros to help engage in research and discussion. Some logistics took place, such as downloading apps and textbooks. On the other hand, Schola Brevis allowed freshmen to get a taste of their schedule by visiting different buildings and speaking to faculty members.

Overall, orientation was very fun and provided the Class of 2023 with all the many great things Jesuit has to offer. The freshmen have developed new friendships and grown closer to one another.