Faculty profile: Mr. Montroy

By Trey Duncan ‘21

Managing financial aid, posting grades and calculating GPAs, keeping track of student records, including addresses and phone numbers–all these activities at Strake Jesuit are possible in large part thanks to our Registrar, Mr. Andrew Montroy. It is easy to forget about how much time and energy goes into making these things available.

Mr. Montroy works hard, bringing joyful energy to the administrative offices in the Moran building. At Strake Jesuit, he also enjoys teaching World History and coaching lacrosse.

“I have really enjoyed coaching young kids, and teaching catechism classes. I have always liked working with other people,” Mr. Montroy explained.

His workload is often times very tough, especially when he must teach, coach, and publish grades for all Strake Jesuit students.

“In the spring it gets really tough, with lacrosse season, grades, and getting everyone’s classes. But luckily I have the support of the administration, which helps me get that work done,” Mr. Montroy said.

What is the best part about coming to Strake Jesuit? Academics? Extracurriculars? Athletics? 

“The best part of working at Jesuit is the community. Everyone, students and teachers, is working towards one goal, which is betterment of themselves. This makes it easy and fun to work at Jesuit, and you don’t have any friction with any of the other faculty,” Mr. Montroy noted.

Outside of school, Mr. Montroy is first and foremost a family man.

“I enjoy watching my son play sports, painting, and redesigning my house,” Mr. Montroy reflected.

All in all, Mr. Montroy is happy with his life, which includes his job Strake Jesuit and its community, both of which he loves very much.