Giving Thanks

Shawn Xie ’21

For me, Thanksgiving break is always a time to relax and rewind.

Many parties are held during Thanksgiving between families and friends. I attended numerous parties and met both new and old friends.

Thanksgiving is also a time to give thanks for those who are important to you. Fellowship and friendships are celebrated in this time.

I am grateful for my family. They support me so much through all my troubles and doubts. They have given me so many opportunities to explore this world. I am grateful that my parents invests so much time, energy, and money in me, even beyond sending me to Strake Jesuit.

For example, I asked them if I could go to Abu Dhabi and Madrid last summer to explore and experience foreign culture. My parents trusted me and generously funded the trips.

But most importantly, I am thankful because they gave me life. They led me to Christ. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without them.

I am grateful for my friends. They keep me away from loneliness and stress. Life is full of joy with people around who care about you. They encourage me and help me build self-esteem. People say you are a mix of the five closest friends around you. I completely agree with this statement.

Family and friends are the most important parts of my life, and Thanksgiving is truly a great time to say “thank you” for these amazing people!